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Skin and Hair of your teacup pig pet

Taking care of the skin and hair of your teacup pig

Skin and Hair of your Teacup Pet

Teacup pigs are highly social creatures having small size and weight between 30-80 pounds and height of around 1 foot. The adult teacup pig grows max to the size of a small sized dog. The skin of these animals is usually dry and you don’t have to give them bath daily. You can brush them as they have regular hair on the skin and not furs (like dogs). Hence, there are no issues related to allergic reactions, which is a problematic issue for many other pets. If you apply oil or moisturizer on the body of a pig, make sure that you take very little amount and don’t get them too greasy. It can even clog their skin pores and cause slipperiness in the body parts. Coconut oil is a good option for application on the body of these teacup piggies.

Teacup pigs have hair on the body and not fur. The hair on the body is hard and dense, but they don’t fall off much. So, there is not much mess in your house. Your pig will probably shed the hair once in year. They can also get this in stages. The shedding will begin and you will be able to know about it. It usually happens on the onset of spring season. The weather goes warm and the skin starts getting changes. It is an itching condition for your teacup pig and you will notice that they try to itch on the walls, furniture, trees, bedding or other areas around.

You need to keep your pet hydrated and help them to pull off the hair gently from the body. It will make them easy. Regular combing on their hair can also turn off the unwanted material and they will get easy eradication of extra hair. Make sure that you keep their bedding clean to avoid any skin troubles for them.

Eyes and Ears of Teacup Pigs


You might not know about this fact but teacup pigs have poor eyesight. Many people don’t know about this fact and think that their pet has some specific trouble, but it is with the case of every animal. You will observe some sticky or brownish water coming out of their eyes and it is a normal thing. Too much of this fluid can be a trouble, but normally, teacup pigs do get brown tears, which can be wiped away with a warm cloth.

Eyes and Ears of Teacup Pigs

You can even find the brown spots on their bedding area (blankets and bedding) and it is due to the wetness produced in their eyes. Pigs spending their daytime in outdoor areas usually have this kind of issue and it is quite normal. They are prone to getting dust in the eyes, which makes the tears brown. There are some pigs having Entropiana (eye condition having the lashes laid on the eyes). This condition can be rectified with a minor surgical procedure by veterinary doctor.


Pig ears can get wax inside them and it is very normal. Don’t clean too deep inside the pig’s ears and use a soft hand towel or antiseptic wipe to clear off the wax. Don’t use any ear bud or cleaner as it can harm the inside ear area. The wax catches up dust and other particles into the ears. There is no need to put liquid in the pig ears for cleaning as it can make them attain serious problems.

Pool bath is great for teacup pets and if they need cooling down during hot days, you should make sure that water doesn’t get into their ears. Also, at the time of giving bath, you should make sure that water doesn’t get into the ears of pig. It will create balance issues for the pet and it might get headache.

Teacup Pig Bath

Teacup pigs are nano sized pigs having a cute body structure. These pets have hair on their skin and can be cleaned by regular brushing. These animals don’t require too much washing as their skin is very dry. You can damp them with a few drops of organic coconut oil or wheat germ oil for keeping their skin healthy. However, there is not too much greasing required for their skin. The regular body temperature of a teacup pig is 102 degrees, which is much warmer. Hence, too much bathing can cause health issues for them. You can coat their skin with oil for moisturizing it.

Newborn piggies require very gentle bath. You can begin their bathing session by keeping them in a tub or sink and making the teacup pig very comfortable. There should be shallow water put inside the tub or sink to avoid it getting into ears. It should wet the body of the animal and in the initial phases, antiseptic drops can be put inside the water for bath. The water for bathing should be warm and not cold as the body temperature is warm and the pigs will get problems with too cold water.

The pig will be merged in water and you should keep on talking to them while bathing them. Make sure that you place a non-slippery mat under the pig when they are bathing to avoid the chances of falling down. Coconut oil after bath will make their skin supple, but apply only a few drops to avoid oiliness in the skin. There are many gentle pet shampoos available and you can use them on the skin and after bath, comb the hair with a pet grooming brush.

Your pig can remain healthy if you are following right ways for their upbringing. One bath in 7-10 days is sufficient to keep the tiny pig clean.

Teacup pigs for sale

Are you looking for a teacup pig for sale?

If you have fallen in love with these adorable little pets there are probably a few questions that you may have.

You can see our available teacup pigs for sale at

First are Teacup pigs even real?

This is a valid question. There are a lot of hate sites and radical environmentalist that would have you believe that they are not real. They have even hijacked the Miniature pig wikipedia page and have wrote all kinds of things to scare you away from owning a teacup pig. Then on top of that there is all kinds of websites and articles that are devoted to telling people that teacup pigs are not real. Truth is teacup pigs are very real. Now they wont stay the size of a teacup… They are still pigs!! but they do stay a lot smaller than potbelly pigs and can make great pets!

The next question you might ask yourself is who can I trust to sell me a teacup pig?

You have probably seen the classified ads selling “teacup pigs” as low as $300… Don’t be fooled. They are scams. They are either selling you a pot belly pig or they are just trying to scam your personal information. Don’t Buy teacup pigs from classified ads there are way too many scam artist out there. 

Never buy from a breeder that has a weight guarantee!!!

This is a huge red flag!! No breeder can play God! Most the breeders that offer this “guarantee” are just in it for the short hall and looking to make a quick buck. Read the small print of their guarantee. Usually they require crazy things like you have to send monthly pictures and document the pigs diet then after a year or two if they pig gets over a certain weight they will only refund 20% of your money!!! That is right you heard me right. They can guarantee a certain weight make you pay all kinds of money for that guaranteed weight then They only give you 20% of your money back when is get bigger than that weight which it will… So if you are expecting the teacup pig to stay 20LBS and they guarantee it and you pay $3,000 for that piglet full grown that piglet could get 100 LBS and even if you went through all the effort of sending the breeder pictures and documenting the piglets diet they will only get you $600 bucks back. So you would still end up paying $2,400 for the 100LBS pig!! So don’t buy into there fake guarantee it is just a sales gimmick. True breeders will give you estimates on what the grown weight will be but tell you there is still no way of predicting the exact adult weight.

The next warning is buying from local breeders. Yes you heard me right!! There are not that many REAL teacup pig breeders. Chances are a local breeder doesn’t has the quality you will be looking for….

Yes shipping a piglet that you haven’t met in person can be scary but there are ways to protect yourself. 

First make sure the breeder accepts Credit cards or Paypal. These offer Consumer protection and will help make sure you get your teacup pig.

Next make sure the breeder is willing to send you pictures or has pictures of the adult breeder pigs on their website.

Finally make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are talking to. Make sure the breeder cares about the future of your teacup piglet.

Ask questions!! No question is a bad question when is comes to raising your little teacup pig.

Having a hard time saving up money for a teacup pig? Here arare a few breeders that offer financing for a teacup piglet.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Teacup Pig

Are you planning to buy these little cuddly pets for yourself too? You must first make sure that you are ready to get a teacup pig in the house. Often, pet owners have usually been with dogs and cats which make them accustomed to their habits. However, when it comes to teacup pigs, there is more than just normal rearing.

Teacup pigs cannot be reared like farm pigs as well. Farm pigs are huge and grunty while teacup pigs are generally very small. They are only 9 ounces at birth and never weigh more than 35-60 pounds, which is less than 1/5th the size of an average farm pig. Considering these factors, you must know that they are a special variety of pets and need special treatment as well. Here is a list of a few things that you must consider before buying a teacup pig.

Money- they come with a huge price tag. The average price is $1000. We are not kidding with you. You actually pay this much for teacup pigs and to be honest, there are people who buy them at such an insane cost. Reason? Well, there are many reasons that can be quoted behind this. The first and the most obvious reason is that they are specially reared breed of pigs. The second reason is that they are seen with celebrities which automatically makes them a style statement in their own right and the third is that they are very cute and adorable. Who would not want to pay for a little companion who is the size of a teacup when born and the size of a cocker spaniel when fully mature? Another thing is that they need a lot of maintained in terms of food and medical expenses. They are generally fed with special food that makes up to 70 percent of their daily diet. Plus, it’s very expensive and the pig would live for the next 12-20 years. So think carefully before you buy one.

Check with the local authorities- where in some cases they are simply not allowed as pets, some others might have their own set of restrictions which may include the presence of specialist teacup pig vet in the vicinity. You might also need a license for keeping a teacup pig. Therefore, always check with your local authorities before you buy one. You are anyways spending a great deal of money on them.

Teacup pigs need a lot of attention- Although they would happily love to run around or simply sleep in the shade, just like normal pigs do, these pigs need special attention. They are very close to their owners and are often attention seekers. For the sake of this attention, they might even hog up more food than they eat. Moreover, you have to take them on walks twice or thrice daily and give them proper exercise along with the walks. If you don’t do this, the pig would likely turn up huge and bulky. They have a tendency to eat more and exercise less because of which they tend to put on weight faster and become quite a plight for their own selves. Moreover, if you are not continuously interacting with them, or they are left to themselves most of the times, they would certainly create mess and even get aggressive. The demands of this pig are many and you would have to fulfill them all.

Get ready to go to vet- if a teacup pig is your first pet than you might find this a little annoying but the truth is that a regular visit to the vet is quite necessary. There are many varieties in the teacup pigs and the breed is not yet stable enough. Therefore, different teacup pigs may come from a completely different breeding process and might face different types of health problems. Therefore, make sure that your pet is a specialist and rush to him when your pig behaves eerie.

Do you have suitable space for the pigs- Yes, teacup pigs are as small as a teacup, but this happens only when they are newborns. In the next two years of their life, they will grow rapidly in size and would demand more open space. Therefore, ensure that you have some space in your house where the teacup pig can play. If you thought that it is a teacup pig so it will be very small neat, you are wrong. The teacup pigs also need a small playground to play as you cannot always be there by his side. He would also need some space on his own which is not possible in an apartment style home. Therefore, buy a teacup pig only when you have a garden or a backyard where he can easily play

Tips on Taking Care of Pigs

Taking care of your teacup pig is not a small thing. He is not usual dog or cat. He is a special pet who has been reared specially for pet lovers like you. Did you know that an Englishman named Chris Murray spent 9 years in breeding these special pigs? He had to breed for 24 generations before he finally came out with the teacup pigs for your pleasure. They were reared only as a pet and that is why they are quite intelligent and learn things very easily. Today they are being sold on an average of $1000 per pig. Once you have brought such a pig home, it is time that you start learning about a few critical things about this pig. As they are special pets, their needs are special too. In the previous post, we discussed about the basic care and maintenance of tea cups. Let’s continue with the topic and learn a few more tips and tricks to keep your pig healthy.

They need exercise, and a lot of it- Pigs have a strange tendency to overeat and gain weight. They have historically been known as mindless eaters who would hog up everything before their eyes. Some pigs are also known to finish all their food past and make their owner believe that they are still hungry so that they can spend more time with the users. While many teacup pigs are not freaky mindless eaters, they still have tendency to overeat. Therefore you must keep a strict check on their diet. More importantly, you should give them a lot of exercise. Your teacup pig must be taken for a walk at least twice a day, followed by some mild exercise. Also remember that this has to be a dally habit or your pig will gain too much weight to handle.

Training your pig- As mentioned earlier as well, teacup pigs are very intelligent and sociable creatures. They have quite a lot to offer to the owners when it comes to training. You don’t need special pet trainers as they can easily be trained at home just like a puppy. You can teach them many tricks like platform tricks. Your pig would get a lot of exercise this way and will keep healthy. You must also teach him where his place is and which bowl of food or water belongs to him. On top of that you can also ensure that the pig realizes that his playground is at a small corner of the garden or the backyard and he doesn’t have to ruin the whole garden by digging mud everywhere. The better you are able to teach him, the lesser pig like qualities he would have.

Sociability- Teacup pigs are never sold alone and they always come in pairs. The biggest advantage of this step is that the pigs never become overly greedy and they always stay engaged with each other. When there are two pigs, they would spend more time playing and fighting with each other, rather than demanding you continuous attention. Therefore, you must make sure that your pigs become sociable. No matter the number of teacup pigs that you have at home, you can always introduce them to the other members of the family and especially the children. With children they become very interactive and they get playmates as well. Therefore, think deeply about this factor and if you have a choice, you must always buy them in pairs.

Vet visits- This is the most important part of caring for your teacup pigs. There are many varieties of teacup pigs around and you must know the lineage before you buy any teacup pigs. It is because teacup pigs come from many different varieties of breeds and not knowing this important information can create a problem for your vet. Although, there are many specialist teacup vets around, no doctor would be able to help you unless he knows the family that the pig is coming from. To avoid this, you must learn about his family. This is an important step in the maintenance of your pig as teacup is still not a stable breed and the breeding process ended very recently. Therefore, the vets are still not confirmed about what diseases could hit your pig and what would the remedy be. In any case, whenever you feel there is a change in the behavior of your pig and he feel fatigued and lethargic, you must rush him to the vet. Keep all his documents handy so that there is no confusion in the mind of the vet and he can give the right treatment to your pig. Additionally, schedule regular checkups with the vet so that any problems arising in his body can be detected before they happen and that he gets to live a very healthy and long life. 

Teacup pigs are mini breeds of pigs that were specially made in order to carry out scientific experiments and also to make as wonderful pets. They are as small as a teacup (hence the name, teacup pigs) and are becoming popular as tiny pet options. Moreover, these pigs are really cute to carry and have a very easygoing temperament too. Though pigs have been known to be quite dirty and big fat hogs, these pigs are as sweet and beautiful as they can be. Moreover, their small size makes them even more adorable and that is why they have almost become a rage amongst people. 

The mini pigs were first noticed in the 1960s when a few potbellied pigs were being sent to the western nations. As these pigs were smaller in size and weighed only 15-200 pounds, they became an instant hit amongst the scientific community that needed to carry out a few experiments on these pigs which were later to be used for organ transplantations operations. The popularity of these pigs grew more in the 1980s. However, the peak of the trend came about after the 2000s. They have been marked as a celebrity favorite and famous celeb Paris Hilton was seen with sporting a mini pet like this in 2009. Since then more and more people have been attempting to buy teacup pigs as they make for a ‘different’ pet.

The teacup pigs are also referred to as ‘mini pigs’, ‘micro mini pigs’, ‘dandie pigs’ and ‘pocket pigs’. The teacup pgs name has been given to these pigs by a British breeder Chris Murray. Chris lives in England and he has been breeding the original Vietnamese potbellied pigs with another small variety of pigs from New Zealand, which is called Kune kune. Just like the Vietnamese Potbellied pigs, these pigs too are very small in size and never weigh more than 200 pounds. However, the cross breeding process also included some heavier pigs like Tamworth which weigh around 800 pounds when adults and Old Spots that weight around 600 pounds when adults.

The impact of such a cross breeding was as expected. After continuing this process since 1992, Chris finally created a miniature pg variety and called it Teacup pigs. It was from there that the trend has been soaring. Teacup pigs were first called ‘Pennywell Pigs’ as they belong to the Pennywell farm in England that Chris owned. There is also a very interesting story behind naming them teacup pigs. Chris has been confirming the fact that these little pigs love tea and are generally as small as a teacup itself, hence the name. He had bred 24 generations of pigs before he got these Teacup pigs. These pigs were first presented in front of public in the year 2007 and were specifically marketed as pet pigs. There was no mention of scientific experiments here. Another very well known name for teacup pigs is Jane Croft who has made many public appearances with her teacup pigs and is also selling to a lot of celebrities. 

Teacup pigs are indeed in all forms ‘miniature pigs’ and that is why they make good pets. Their weight at birth is merely 9 ounces and they never reach a height of more than 16 inches in their life. Moreover, the weight also never goes beyond 65 pounds and that is why they make mini companions. There has been a lot of talk about the nature and intelligence of these pigs. They are always shown to be very responsive and very intelligent as compared to the other pigs. Moreover, they are also not considered ‘grimy’ or ‘dirty’. As compared to other pets like dogs and cats, there is quite less maintenance and they do not even shed twice or thrice a year. An added advantage is that they never really prefer dirt but they may like a messy place of living.

An average teacup pig will cost around $1000. Therefore, they certainly make for a style statement as well as a huge hole in the pocket. In the British territory, they are sold for 700 Euros and again make for a very expensive pet. In some countries there are a few restrictions on owning a cup pig. The reason is that this variety is not yet a stable and established breed and both the vets and the owners may have to have a little patience when it comes to rearing them. 
At some places you need to have a special license for keeping a teacup pig. The reason is that they too need medical services and there must be vets in your area that can treat them. For now, there is a lot of variety with teacup pigs and you can find one for yourself, if you have at least $1000. Remember, shipping isn’t included. If you are looking for the best recommendation on teacup pigs for sale we can help!

Teacup Pigs make great pets

Have Fun and Delight in Keeping Teacup Pigs

Miniature pigs are smaller pigs that were initially bred for medical research. And, in the 1980s these adorable animals were introduced as pets. And, as time passed, they have continued to become more and more popular throughout the world. So if you are planning to buy a new pet for your home, these cute creatures are a great option for more information about Acquiring a micro mini pig as a pet at

What are the benefits of owning one?

They are very small

As their name suggests, teacup pigs are extremely small (about five times smaller) compared to ordinary pigs. Most of the time, they only reach up to about 14 to 16 inches (smaller than most types of dogs and average household cats) even when they are fully grown. This means that you will find it quite easy to carry them around and even walk them on a leash. This also means that they will only take up a small amount of space in your home, which is great if you are planning to create a pen for them.

They are extremely clean

As opposed to what some people believe, miniature pigs are not dirty animals. In fact, they are cleaner than most household pets. For instance, teacup pigs do not get fleas unlike dogs and cats. And, because they don’t have fur, you won’t have to worry about getting your furniture messy. On top of that, they do not aggravate allergies as much as dogs and cats. Furthermore, it can be quite easy to litter train them.

They can live a very long life

Of course, if you are getting a pet, you would want one that has a long lifespan. When it comes to this aspect, micro pigs are well above dogs and cats. As long as you know how to take care of their health, they can easily live up to 15 to 20 years. This means that you will have a great relationship with your beloved pet for a very, very long time.

Teacup pigs make great pets

They have great personalities

Teacup pigs are not only cute, they also have loving personalities. Also, they are very loyal and affectionate. Aside from that, they are quite intelligent animals. In fact, they are very trainable just like dogs. And, because they don’t bark and they don’t have many behavioral problems, they are perfect companions.

So, have you decided that teacup pigs are perfect for you? If so, you need to learn about the best ways to choose the right mini pig before buying one. With this in mind, here are some tips to get you started.

Before buying one, be sure to “pig-proof” your home.

Since miniature pigs are very intelligent and curious, you have to prepare your home for your pet’s arrival. You need to make sure that electric wires and toxic chemicals are out of reach.

Find a reputable breeder.

Of course, just like when you are buying any other type of pet, you have to make sure that you are getting your teacup pig from a reliable breeder. You have to make sure that the parents of your future pet are indeed micro pigs.
Make sure that the pet you are buying is sold at the right price.

Whenever you are buying something, it can be a bit tempting to go for the cheapest option. Of course, when you are purchasing a pet pig, you have to take note that cheaper is not always better. If you are not careful, you might end up buying an ordinary pot-bellied pig.

Teacup pigs are indeed great pets. As long as you choose the right one for you, you will surely have a loving companion for a very long time. But you have to keep in mind that like any other pet, your little pig will need time and affection from you. So, make sure to give your new teacup pig the love and care that it deserves.

Micro teacup pig information

Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are super fun! They are one of the best pets I have ever had. One thing to realize when raising a teacup pig is that they will need lots of attention. They love to cuddle and love to have their snouts rubbed.
Teacup Pigs are litter box trained at just a few days old. They are extremely clean animals. They are also very smart! They love to play and have fun. They especially love to have food! After all they are little piggies.
There is some negative information online saying that teacup pigs are not real or that they are just starved pot belly pics. The truth is they are real. They can now be seen on major television shows and are all over Youtube!
They are easy to feed. My favorite is when they are two weeks old and you can bottle feed them. They love that milk and sprawl out for it in enjoyment! It’s only fair to share…

Health Benefits of Having Miniature Pigs as Your Pet

Having a pet in your household can make a big difference. Why? Because they do not complicate things unlike humans do. Domesticated animals do not argue nor create a conflict between relationships. They are a perfect companion because they do not cease to amuse people whether we feel angry, sad, or happy. They will always be there to support, give joy, and have fun.

Moreover, caring for pets can change the whole atmosphere and mood in your household. They can provide quality to your life and help you realize and appreciate the beauty of life despite stress from work and other anxieties. This is because your pets want you to live in a different dimension, away from life’s struggles whenever you get to play with your beloved pets.

In the same way, they can provide therapeutic benefits that can make you happier and healthier. Some of which are the following examples that most owners are unaware of the effects:

  • People with pets are less likely to suffer from depression and they have a lower level of blood pressure especially during stressful situations. People with heart conditions may survive longer as pets like miniature pigs lessen the likelihood of heart attack incidents.
  • Pets, like teacup pigs, can increase the levels of happy hormones that can help people feel relaxed and blissful.
  • Mini pigs, or any other pet for that matter, can reduce pulse rate and muscle tension from nerve-racking situations.

There are actually many more advantages when having a miniature pig in your house, such as increasing exercise, providing companionship, adding structure to your day, boost vitality, and many more.

So, if you are planning to own miniature pigs as an additional member of your family, what should you expect from them? Some people would not dream of having an animal in their household that has the reputation of being dirty. However, many are captivated by their personality, intelligence, and adorable appearance.

Do not let your prejudice overrule your vision of good things. These cute little squealers have desirable qualities too. In contrast with other people’s belief, these teacup pigs are very intelligent, funny, highly trainable, affectionate, docile, and odor free. Of course, it requires human intervention to help these animals bring out their desirable qualities.

Health Benefits of Having Miniature Pigs as Your Pet

They can easily be trained with proper upbringing. They can be house trained, toilet trained, leash trained, and many other few tricks. In order for trainings to be successful, you should not punish them. Instead, you guide them and give rewards every time they accomplish commands.

If there are times that your pet suddenly becomes destructive, you must have overlooked something about their personality. Like humans, these animals are very sensitive and are the main reason why you should not use punishment in the learning process.

However, whenever you see them getting aggressive – especially when begging for food and dig with their snouts, these are instinctual and very natural for their kind. In some cases, matured mini pigs can open the refrigerator, pantry, and wherever food may be lurking.

Although these animals are cute and charming, you should always consider that they are territorial and dominating despite their size. Thus, you need to teach them respect by teaching them that you are on top and that they have boundaries. However, you should always use positive reinforcement to be effective.

Mini pigs, though small, have big hearts and very loving animals. Once they get accustomed to the environment and the people around them, they will prove themselves worthy of your care. So, whenever you feel sad or gloomy, you know where to go to get rid of those negative feelings. Although these little pets are small, but they can make big difference in your life by helping you focus on one thing that people usually miss: being happy. It’s only fair to share…

How to Make Sure It Gets Along with Your Cat and Dog

Back to the time before animals were tamed, put in the zoo, and kept inside the cage, they were on their own in the wild. They find food on their own, they hunt, they kill.

Back in the wild, they are either the hunter or the prey. And even now when most of them are tamed and domesticated, their innate nature can show, making it a challenge for pet owners to maintain peace and harmony among their pets. This is especially true when there is a hunter and a prey in the pack.

Ensuring the animals’ safety against each other is a hard work… but it is not impossible. So if your collection of pets ranges from the fiercest hunting dogs to the most docile of teacup pigs, read on and learn how to make sure that your piglet is safe and is doing well in terms of dealing with your other pets.

Teacup Pigs and Cats

Pigs tend to get along well with cats. The latter think pig’s bellies make good, cozy pillows. The former on the other hand could care less about the felines. So overall, you do not have to worry much about the relationship between the two.

A problem could arise, however, when your mini pig is still at its first few weeks and your cat is something of a bully or wild. To avoid anyone from getting hurt, keep your little piggy away from the feline’s claws.

Have a fence between them for a while. You can use children’s gate for this purpose. Only remove the fence when the two start to feel comfortable and at ease around each other.

Teacup Pigs and Dogs

Pigs and dogs can be best friends. They can get along too well. However, for your piggy’s sake you should NEVER left them alone together unless you are sure that your dog is completely comfortable around your teacup pig’s presence.


Remember that canines are predators by nature and pigs are preys. If something upsets dogs or causes them to feel anxious or nervous, their first instinct is to attack. And normally, it’s the pigs that are more likely to start some sort of trouble because of their curious nature. When this happens, you can be sure that the dog will finish it. So keep them apart always. This is especially true when it comes to feeding time. As much as possible, don’t feed them close to each other or else, prepare for a bloody fight.

How do you make them friends?

  • Introduce your teacup pig to your dog as a valued member of the family.
  • When the canine demonstrates aggression, reprimand it or show disapproval. This will give the dog a hint that such a behavior is not to be tolerated.
  • Don’t leave them together alone; keep them apart when you are not around.

During their first introduction, your dog may show signs of excitement, curiosity, playfulness, and fun. But don’t be too confident that he will become your mini pig’s best friend soon because “having fun” for canines often includes biting. So keep them afar until your dog has grown accustomed to sight, sound, and smell of your teacup pig—but still, don’t be too confident to leave them alone together.

Final Thought

Cats and dogs may suppress their hunting instinct when they accept specific prey animals, but you should not be too lax in ensuring your teacup pig’s security around them. This is especially true if your pets didn’t meet at a very young age. It’s only fair to share…

Are Teacup pigs real?

There has been lots of talk whether or not teacup pigs are indeed real. There are several horror stories out there about backyard breeders taking advantage of pet owners by selling them full grown pigs instead of micro teacup pigs.

So does this mean teacup pigs are made up and just a myth? Does this mean teacup pigs are just a scam?

The answer is no. Teacup pigs are real. They are very real indeed. That being said full grown they do not fit inside of a teacup. As adults they can be anywhere between 15-50lbs. This does not mean that they are huge. In fact compared to potbelly pigs that can be 100-200 LBS teacup pigs are significantly smaller.

So now that we know that teacup pigs are real how do you find a requital breeder?

This can be hard. Cause in most cases finding a true teacup breeder in your state is not very likely.


If you find a breeder that is claiming to have a teacup piglets under $1,500 you are most likely looking at a scam or a piglet that will end up quite large.

Ask if you can see the adults. If a breeder is not willing to let you see the adults you should be very concerned. That is definitely a red flag!!!

One other indicator is if a breeder has spotted pigs also known as Juliana pigs. These piglets usually stay small and can be an indicator that Breeder truly has Micro sized piglets.

One thing to do as well is ask for references. See if the breeder has testimonials of happy clients that have adopted the piglets. Chances are if the breeder has a bunch of customers they are selling what they say they are.

One thing to be wary of is guarantees!!! There is no way a breeder can know exactly how big a mini pig will get. You must follow a strict diet with your teacup piglet to insure that it won’t get too big. When a breeder offers a size guarantee usually there is a bunch of small print. Make sure you read that small print. Again, we advise to be very wary about Guarantees!!! It just acts like a false sense of security.

Always ask for pictures of the parents. The breeder should have their adult breeders listed on the websites. If a breeder is not willing to show you the adults be cautious.

Always make sure that the teacup pig breeder is willing accepts either Paypal or Credit cards. This will offer you a form of protection. Never send cash or wire funds if at all possible.

Mini pigs can be delivered through the air. Airlines have went out of their way to make sure transferring pets is convenient and safe. Little piggies can get stressed out easily but being shipped through the air they will be held in a climate controlled and noise controlled place.

I hope this article has helped in your search for a teacup pig! Don’t trust all the hate websites. Teacup pigs do really exist. They make great lovable pets. They are very clean and can be trained to do tricks like dogs. Each of them have their own personalities. I recommend you get one they are unique and you will fall in It’s only fair to share…

Acquiring a micro mini pig as a pet

There is a lot to consider when possibly acquiring a micro mini pig as a pet. But with research in the right places and working with a good breeder, you can make the proper, informed decision. Make sure to do some research before approaching the breeder to get an idea of what to expect.

It is a good idea to visit your micro mini pig breeder in person. This will allow you to meet your potential new piggy ahead of time, allowing you better choose which one you would like to take home. This will also allow you the opportunity to meet the new piglet’s parents and sometimes even their grandparents. You can also ask the breeder questions live in person.

You should also check into the breeder themselves before making a purchase or leaving any deposit money. A good breeder will put the health of the animal ahead of making a profit. Many bad breeders will underfeed and encourage you to underfeed the pig in order to make it appear smaller due to malnutrition. This is not the right way to have a mini pig. Instead, you should check to make sure that the micro mini pig breeder is breeding actual healthy, mini pigs. This is where visiting the breeder in person will come into play and reveal if anything is amiss. Finding out ahead of time will save you money, headaches, heartaches and also will help discourage future breeders from taking this fraudulent path.

A good breeder will also help you find the proper mini pig food along with providing you detailed instructions on how much to feed them through the pig’s different life stages. They can also tell you which fruits and vegetables are safe to feed to the mini pigs.

Like their bigger size breeds, micro mini pigs love food! They will spend a lot of time looking for it in any place that they can. So, it is important to piggy proof your home. Many of the same methods that are used for baby proofing your home will also work for pig proofing. They will open up cabinets and anything else they think that they will find food in. If you have cleaning agents around, your new little mini pig may try to eat it, thinking its food without knowing how dangerous those chemicals really are.

Micro mini pigs can live comfortably indoors. But despite this, it is recommended to let them play outdoors for at least four to five hours a day. If you live in a single family home, this can mean the back yard or front yard. For condos and apartments, you can find a pet friendly park where you can take your pig.

You can even get your micro mini pig used to a leash and harness so that it can go with you on walks. If you decide to use a leash and harness on your teacup pig, be sure to start as young as possible to get them used to how the harness feels. After a while, they will be comfortable with it and then can go anywhere with you.

It will be very important for you to form a bond with your micro mini pig as early as possible. Bottle feeding is quite effective for a first step in this process. The bond will be quite important as they are social animals, much like how bonding is important for us human beings and other creatures like dogs.

Teacup pigs like a lot of soft fabrics such as fleece. You will find yourself at awe watching your mini pig snuggle in their blankets or be amused as you watch them root around in their blankets with their noses.

You may be surprised to find out that, unlike cats and dogs, micro mini pigs don’t really collect fleas or even lice. While cats and dogs have a lot of fur to provide warmth for fleas, pig hair is spread thinly. The cooler temperature is very unfavorable to the fleas and lice so they will not stick around for very long, if they land on the mini pig at all.

The typical weight range of a micro mini pig is ten to forty pounds with their height usually not exceeding seventeen inches at the shoulder. Their life spans have the same range as a small breed dog with the range at fifteen to twenty years.

It is also highly recommended that you acquire some books that are centralized on micro mini pigs. You can likely find some good ones in a book store or perhaps even online. You can check with your local breeder on what mini pig books they recommend for you to read.

Also, be sure to check with your local authorities on any laws regarding your potential new piggy before you make your purchase. Micro mini pigs are considered swine and in many cases, a farm animal. As such, they are subject to local ordinances regarding swine and farm animals. These can include a range of things, including but not limited to housing, transportation, licensing, leash laws, vaccinations, waste disposal and limit on figures.

Teacup Pigs: Super Cute pets for Home

Teacup Pigs: Super Cute pets for Home

Teacup pigs are very cute micro pigs, which can become your best friends by keeping as a pet. They are witty, social and good pets for home. They are the creations of some breeders who tried to retain the cuteness of piglets without turning them to huge sized piggies. Mini pigs are easily available these days, but the fact is that you can’t make sure that they will remain small in size or not, till they actually grow up. Hence, it is advisable to take help from an expert breeder who can show you the parents of the teacup pigs and then only give these mini creatures for you to keep as pets.

Teacup pigs

The adult teacup pigs have a weight of 20-80 pound and their size remains small. They are social and appear very impressive at home. These pigs are smaller and you can select the pigs appealing the most to you in looks and color. Teacup pigs are smaller in size and you can determine the size of offspring according to the appearance of their parents. Teacup pigs have become famous due to celebrities owning them and making presence with them in social events.

There are actually very less breeders having actual teacup pigs and you can check out your local sellers or online help for the same. There are some pigs having full size growth till 6 years of age and they might have a tiny appearance during the early phases. You have to be careful in making the choice because your small pet can become unexpectedly bigger, if they are not of the right breed. Teacup pigs are very cute in appearance and you will love their intelligent nature to learn new things very soon. They have playful nature and their presence at your home will feel like you’ve got a child for full play.

Bring Home Intelligent Teacup Pigs

Bring Home Intelligent Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are very intelligent creatures and can learn every activity or training in an easy and quicker way. You can take the help of food to activate them on training mode and they can understand you very quickly. They are indeed smart and can open up your drawers or refrigerator within no time. You will be amazed by their quickness and actually, you should never underestimate their abilities to catch up new things and even use their brains to carry forward different activities.

They are social creatures who would even love to watch tv with you or be with you when you are doing work on laptop. Teacup pigs love music and whenever there is any video or audio track being played, they will leave everything aside to look at it. Pig owners usually keep these pets busy by playing different things on TV, which may interest these tiny elements.

The pet should be provided with comfortable bedding and they should be trained for littering at an open space. They won’t make much mess and learn toilet training within no time. You should allot a special place of your home or get small kennel for these pets as they can probably go anywhere, if there are no restrictions for them. If you are working and there is no one to supervise the pigs at home, you will probably have to set up proper bedding, keep water dish and food near them to avoid any discomfort for the pets. Baby teacup pigs require time to get trained, but ultimately, they will be developed as obedient pets for their masters.

Newborn teacup pigs require extra care, but as they grow up, they will have their own schedules and there will be nothing to worry about them. You can use the intelligence features of these pets to train them well according to your own lifestyle.

Teacup Pigs: Nano Pigs for Home

Teacup Pigs: Nano Pigs for Home

Teacup pigs have small size and they don’t grow too big. They can maximum grow up to the size of a small sized dog or cat. They are intelligent animals having a sharp brain to learn new things well. You need to make sure that you are purchasing the right breed of the pet because many of them grow bigger within less time. There are different species of teacup pigs and you need to discuss with your breeder for the best ones they offer to you.

You can get the best nano pigs for your home and they will adjust well with your kids or other pigs at home. You need to be careful for owning a teacup pig as there are some clever breeders selling pigs with the branding of teacups. They will become more comfortable gradually with you and the other family members. The best part to keep teacup pets is that they will always adore you and bring a lively atmosphere at your home. You can feel their excitement through the waggling tail. They are much cleaner than other pets. The body has no fur, which makes them non allergic.

Teacup pigs are joyous and even adjust with the other pets easily. They are notorious and hence, you are required to keep your things at proper position to avoid losing the. They sleep under their blankets and would let you know when they need food. The piglets should be taken to veterinary doctor on regular basis for checkup. They can be given specialized pig food, fruits, veggies and other things. Don’t give them too much food as they get obese very soon. The prices of these animals depend on gender, color, size and background of parents. You will get happy by keeping these pets at home and they will surely brighten your day with their cute attitude.

Is a teacup pig a perfect pet to help children who have been abused?

Is a teacup pig a perfect pet to help children who have been abused?

The most common visual that will come across a person’s mind when he or she hears the word pig, is that of a farm pig. There are also people who think about sausage, ham and bacon. Time has changed and now pigs have also become the animals that people take in as their pet, more often a teacup pig. People are now getting to know the benefits of owing such a cute creature as a teacup pig.

Similar to training a dog, you can also train your pig certain skills like fetching, rolling over and sitting. And it is much easier in case of pigs given the fact that these are much intelligent animals and do their best to make their owner happy. Getting rewards and praises are the best thing for them and then can repeat any sort of behavior that can earn them such perks. A teacup pig normally learns the cat litter box trick within a week. Training these pigs will take much lesser time than training a more traditional pet.

Is a teacup pig the perfect pet for you

One more reason why these smaller breeds can be great pet is their lifespan. Opposed to cats or dogs whose average lifespan is of about ten years, teacup pigs can live up to twenty years or even more. This is almost double the time the traditional pets live. You can have your pet by your side for twice as long.

If you have a pig then you must not worry about any loud or annoying noise like a dog’s bark. You as well as your neighbor can sleep peacefully at night. You also do not have to deal with the shedding issue. Pigs shed very little if they do shed at all. You will really enjoy the company of a teacup pig. These are one of the most low maintenance pets you will ever have.