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Teacup piglets are the new craze that has been going on from the United Kingdom, all over Europe and right here in the United States. These cute little piglets are the size of tea cups when they are born and do not get that much bigger throughout their ten to twenty year lifespan. These adorable little pigs are known as teacup pigs or micro pigs. When they are first born they are maybe the size of a tea cup and by the time they reach adulthood they will grown anywhere between twelve to fifteen inches long. There are two different styles of the tea cup pigs that are available for adoption at the moment. You will find the micro minis which are the smallest and the most expensive and you also will find the tea cup minis which are a bit bigger.

Micro minis are the smallest of the tea cup pigs they are under sixty pounds once fully grown which typically is at a year and a half to two years. On some rare occasions you will find that they will be around thirty pounds, those are typically the runts of the group. You will find that the smaller the pig is when it reaches adulthood the more expensive they will become and this is because those are the most popular. Now you will find that these are not pot belly pigs either. These pigs are combined by the breeders who combined them with different breeds and blood lines to create a particular look and size. You will also find that micro pigs will usually get no bigger then fifty-five pounds when fully born. They will also come in many different color schemes along with different spots.

Tea cup minis on the other hand are a big bigger then the micro minis. You will find that tea cup minis are anywhere between sixty to a hundred pounds when fully grown. A tea cup mini is generally seventy-five pounds as an adult, therefore if you see these being advertised as micros, they are not, they are tea cups. Either one that you decide on you are sure to get one of the most lovable little pets around. These tea cup pigs are great new additions to any family. They are super lovable, they are like lap dogs, they loved to be cuddled, held and just rest in your lap whenever they get the chance. They love attention, so for those of you who can give lots of attention and love is the best fit for these little ones. You will also find that they do not shed, so these are great for those of you who may have allergies.

General TeaCup Info

Before you decide on adoption you want to make sure that you are ready to dive into getting one of your very own tea cup pigs. As I said earlier tea cup pigs have a general life span of anywhere between twelve to twenty years. They are extremely affectionate animals getting along with anyone and pets as well. These tea cup pigs are great with children and other animals so you will not have to worry if you have little one or cats and dogs. They are huge attention seekers, therefore we are always saying that they need to be with a family that has a lot of love and affection to give. Tea cup pigs are extremely smart animals and you will be able to teach them how to use a litter box, how to stay, sit, lay down and virtually anything else that you can teach a dog. You will soon notice how quickly that they pick up on general commands as well. These little guys are easy to care for also. You will find that they do not shed, so you will not have to worry about vacuuming up any of their hair and they are super easy to clean up after because they can be trained extremely quickly. These are great for families with tons of love and affection to give, an active family who will take it out and play with it, seeing as tea cups have tons of energy, with a back yard!

Adoption Information

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You will find that there are generally a per-questionnaire form that you will be given before you receive the adoption form and before any purchases may be made. You will be asked general questions such as where you live, your age, if pigs are even legal in your area (if they are not, then you will not be able to adopt one), they will want to know if you have a fenced in yard, how you will be housing them, if you have children, what you will do with them when you are not home, if you have other pets or not and if you own, rent or lease and what style home do you live in. Once this has been filled out and sent to them you will go through some follow ups and then answer any questions that may need to be cleared up. Then you will have to wait to hear back if you are qualified or not. Generally the major things that they will be looking for is making sure that the pig will be going into a loving and nurturing home.

Now the cost of the tea cup pigs do vary. You will find that depending on the size, weight, coloring and how many piglets are available for sale at the time. You will also find that tea cup piglets can be shipped anywhere throughout the United States, outside of the United States as long as live cattle is aloud to be shipped and to Canada as well. Right now certain organizations are finding it hard to ship them to Hawaii as well as Alaska so you will need to check on availability.