About Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are very loving and becoming an alternative option for animal lovers to have as pets. They are said to be more intelligent than dogs and cats. They can learn to be house trained and also to go on a leash as well as other tricks like sitting for a treat. They get along with other animals. They love to cuddle as usually love their belly rubbed as well. There is a lot of misleading information online spread to scare individuals from adopting a teacup piglet. There is also breeders out there looking to scam people by selling them a pot belly piglet. There is currently no official registry for teacup pigs, Although some breeders have developed their own and use it as a way to try to make them sound more legit. Throughout the years we have been breeding we have hundreds of happy piggy owners. We always recommend checking out local Sanctuaries to see if there are any teacup pigs available for adoption before adopting from us. .


Teacup pigs have a very delicate diet. It is important not to overfeed or under feed your tiny piglets. These pigs are not like standard pigs that are just bred to fatten up so they can be sold on the market as food. Micro teacup pigs must be kept on a proper diet to keep them healthy and happy. We do not underfeed our pigs. WE keep them on complete and balanced diet. We hand feed our piglets Mazuri mini pig junior food to all our babies. As they grow the micro pigs can be given some fruits and veggies. These little micro teacup pigs do not require a lot food. When they are small they will only require 1/4 cup of mini pig food in the morning and again at night. A few treats of fruits and veggies can be given in between. Fresh water is a must. Pigs need plenty of water but usually will not drink much unless they have the food mixed.


It is important to hold your baby teacup pig often. They enjoy soft materials like blankets and scarfs. Giving them treats by hand also help with the bonding. Call them by their names, they will learn it quickly and come when called. They also take a few days to warm up to you when they first come to your home. It make take them about a week for them to bond with their new family. They can be a little feisty and will try to be the boss so be sure you let them know that you are in charge and they will listen great


Your baby piglet will come litter box trained when you receive them, Although it may take them a few days to get use to their new home and where you want them to go. They all can learn to use the bathroom like a dog and go outside. Make sure you have fresh litter for them. Always keep the litter box in the same place so they can find it and get use to it. Micro teacup pigs seem to be cleaner and faster learners than pups.


Our piglets should stay smaller than teacup pigs from other breeders. They are very small True TEACUP SIZE!! NOT 80 or 90 lbs. Their parents are so tiny and fully mature. Price can very depending on size, sex and color and breeding rights or not. All males need to be neutered unless being purchased for breeding. Females also need to be spayed if not breeding. This insures the pig is healthy and an altered pig makes a more friendly pig and better pet. Plus altering prevents a lot of issues.


Our shipping is free to the continental US and can ship to Canada and Hawaii for a little extra. We safely ship your baby piggy to you through airplane.


We offer a 90 day genetic guarantee on our babies when they are properly cared for and given the vitamins we recommend, food and vet care.


A deposit of $250 is required to hold the baby of your choice. Full payment is required before shipping. We also offer financing with as little down as $500. Our piglets are in very high demand but we still take the time to answer all your questions so you can provide the best care possible for you new piglet.