Keana Texeira

Music sensation Music sensation Keana Texeiraloves her pampered piglet!
Links where she is showing off her new pet
Her piglet falls asleep in her purse
Link two:
Here piglet learns to go down stairs

​Leven Rambin

​Leven Rambin from the Movie "Hunger Games" holding a pampered piglet


Mel and her daughter love the teacup pig they adopted from Pampered Piglets!!!


Nick worked very hard to earn his trust and it paid off. He sat and sat and waited and waited for him to be ready. Now he follows him every where. Stays by the door when he leaves. He is the best animal ever. Great with the kids too. 2 year- 7 years he lets them all pet him and scratch his belly. He just had a sponge bath and is getting a treat cuz he was so good. He was all messy from the extra long plane ride. 🙂 can't wait to let him go outside- soon I'm sure he's doing great!!! You raised one sweet lil piggy!

Candice from Utah

I just Have to say that we absolutely Love our little guy so much he has been fully potty trained sense the day we brought him to our house he has the best personality he runs around and plays with my 3 year old. Just wanted to say thanks again for him.


Hi Karen, loving our baby Daisy. My husband doesn't allow dogs on the bed but caught him snuggling in the bed with her. Lol. Also, I got her a litter box and pee pads to see what she wanted to use but she actually goes potty outside. Crazy! And she already comes when we call her and when I say "up" for a treat she stands on her back legs. She is so smart!

Mike and Sherri

Hi Karen! This is Mike and Sherri in New Mexico, we just wanted you to know we have enjoyed being parents to Vinnie, fna Alfalfa. He and i are cuddling and napping often! Have a great day and thank you for the happiness you have brought our home