frequently asked questions

Where is Pampered Piglets located?

We are located in Fairview, Utah.

Can I still purchase a teacup pig from Pampered Piglets if I live in another state?

Yes! At Pampered Piglets pigs really can fly! We can ship your teacup piggy out to you!

How much are our teacup piglets?

Price can vary between $1,000 to $2,500 depending on gender, Size, and colors. Extremely small and rare colors will cost more.

How does payment for teacup piglet work?

We can accept payment through Visa MasterCard or through Paypal, also you can wire trans, Money Gram or the Western Union out funds. You can reserve a teacup piglets for a Non-refundable deposit of $250

What size our Pampered Piglets Teacup Pigs?

There are different sizes of Teacup pigs and some breeders will even sell a regular potbelly as a teacup pig so be aware when purchasing and be aware of super cheap unrealistic prices for teacup pigs.

The sows (female Teacup Pig) we breed are from 7” to 17” (Teacup pigs are measured to the front shoulder) Our teacup pigs range in weight from 10lbs to 40lbs

Do Teacup pigs and other animals get along?

Yes, teacup pigs get along with just about any other friendly animal. You will need to have a safe pen for your piglet to be in at night or when you are out. This is so your piglet will feel safe. You will need to supervise your piglet at first with your other pets.

Can Teacup pigs be litter trained?

Yes, mini pigs can be litter box trained or trained to go outside and go to the bathroom. Teacup pigs are extremely clean animals. They start being litter box trained at just a few days old. Just make sure you inform your piglet where to go. They usually will make a grunting nose letting you know they need to go to the bathroom or litter box

Can you harness train your teacup pig?

Yes, you can harness train your piglet, you can take him/her for a walk around the neighborhood. Do be cautious of animals and make sure you have your teacup pig on a leash around other animals.

Are Teacup pigs clean?

Teacup pigs are very clean. You can bathe your pig just as you bathe a dog.

Does my pig have to be spayed or neutered?

No, We will grant you breeder rights for an additional $500. If you don’t want to pay the addition $500 then yes your teacup pig will have to be spayed or neutered.

Do Teacup pigs need a special food?

Yes, teacup pigs do have a special diet. We feed our pigs Mazuri Mini-Pig food

Is there a weight guarantee for our Teacup Piglets?

No, We choose not to insult our new Customers that are wanting to adopt a teacup piglet by having a “weight guarantee”. Any breeder offering this weight guarantee only adds a couple thousand to the price of the teacup piglet and only will offer refunding 10-20% percent of the purchased price and ask the new parent to jump through some nearly impossible hoops to get their investment back!


If you have questions about our teacup piglets expected size ask us and we can show you pictures of the teacup piglets parents.