Is a teacup pig a perfect pet to help children who have been abused?

Is a teacup pig a perfect pet to help children who have been abused?

The most common visual that will come across a person’s mind when he or she hears the word pig, is that of a farm pig. There are also people who think about sausage, ham and bacon. Time has changed and now pigs have also become the animals that people take in as their pet, more often a teacup pig. People are now getting to know the benefits of owing such a cute creature as a teacup pig.

Similar to training a dog, you can also train your pig certain skills like fetching, rolling over and sitting. And it is much easier in case of pigs given the fact that these are much intelligent animals and do their best to make their owner happy. Getting rewards and praises are the best thing for them and then can repeat any sort of behavior that can earn them such perks. A teacup pig normally learns the cat litter box trick within a week. Training these pigs will take much lesser time than training a more traditional pet.

Is a teacup pig the perfect pet for you

One more reason why these smaller breeds can be great pet is their lifespan. Opposed to cats or dogs whose average lifespan is of about ten years, teacup pigs can live up to twenty years or even more. This is almost double the time the traditional pets live. You can have your pet by your side for twice as long.

If you have a pig then you must not worry about any loud or annoying noise like a dog’s bark. You as well as your neighbor can sleep peacefully at night. You also do not have to deal with the shedding issue. Pigs shed very little if they do shed at all. You will really enjoy the company of a teacup pig. These are one of the most low maintenance pets you will ever have.